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Tiffani Van Buckley
Registered Clinical Counsellor and Yoga Therapist

Tiffani is credited with her Masters in Counselling Psychology (MA) from UBC and has been a registered Clinical Counsellor for the past 12+ years. Prior to private practice, Tiffani supported at-risk youth and families across the lower mainland. Currently, she works with individuals (18 yrs+) and couples. Tiffani has specific training and credits in Buddhist Psychology informed Gestalt Therapy (GTTCNW) and is a Faculty member with GTTC-NW, Trauma Centered Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY-F, RYT 500), Trauma Informed Yoga & Mindfulness (TSYW), Emotion-Focused Family Therapy, Family Systems and Attachment theories. Tiffani specializes in Trauma and is a Clinical Traumatologist (TITC-CT). She incorporates this knowledge and theory into her therapy approach. Tiffani offers stand alone Trauma Centered Trauma Sensitive Yoga Therapy with traditional talk therapy. Learn more about her therapy approaches here, and more about session offerings here.


A bit about my story...

I am a mother to 3 unique kids, and have been in a committed relationship for 14 years. I have the privilege to have an amazing community of friends and family, and often spend my down time running the trails in Fort Langley, cooking&eating, dancing in my kitchen, practicing yoga and meditation, reading one of the many books that seem to accumulate on my shelves, and revelling in the heart nourishing (and sometimes challenging!) moments with my kids and partner. All of this helps me maintain and continue my pursuit of presence of mind, thoughtfulness of speech and consistency of action.

Although this is the life I now live, I have had many experiences along the way. I have moved through life transitions, like a career change in my 30's, spiritual shifts, ends to significant relationships, heartbreak and loss. I have been lonely and alone. I have experience growing up in a family that was a minority in their community. I understand how it is to feel unsafe. I understand the challenge and gift of living life as a single person, and re-orienting to life in a couple after many years of establishing a life on my own. I know the experience of adventuring alone on the other side of the world from my support system. I know how it is to be in conflict with loved ones, and to make unpopular choices based on my own needs. I have experience being in a body and learning to accept and honor my embodiment. I understand the inner debate to be/or not be a parent. I have experienced the joy, fear, frustration, anger, anxiety and humour of attempting to raise well adjusted, kind and conscious humans.


Aside from being a career oriented woman, mom and a wife, I am a daughter to parents who get to continue to age, a sister, an aunty, a friend.  


Even though my clients and I may have shared some life experiences, I do not assume they are the same and I approach client concerns as unique to them. And obviously, I have not experienced everything there is to experience, and I am devoted to bringing curiosity and compassion when hearing your story as you have lived it. My wish is to support you to gain clarity and insight, understand and integrate various parts of self, and encourage a greater sense of ease in your life and being.

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