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My Approach

It is my firm belief that clients are their own experts, and only need guidance and support to discover what lies beneath their conscious awareness; to make connections, gain perspective, learn tools to support themselves more fully, gently confront and heal from old and new wounds. I specialize in psychology and the human condition. In the counselling room, there is opportunity to merge our individual specialties for the client's greater good. For the client to bring all they know and experience within themselves, and for me to bring my attunement and psychological knowledge to guide and support the process. We are a team working toward the goal of insight and growth - both on team client.

I hold in mind that each person has experiences unique to them that affect the course of their inner selves and trajectory of their life. I approach each and every client experience with curiosity and significance. I have been immersed in the theories of Gestalt therapy and Buddhist Psychology for many years and these approaches form the foundation of my therapeutic practice and support the experiential exploration of client experience. In addition to attending to the client’s presenting concern, the greater goal of therapy is to gain increased self-awareness, and this is facilitated by guiding and supporting clients to “be with what is” (thoughts, feelings, sensations). In accessing “what is” moment-to-moment, better contact can be made with the inner self, and discovery of the experiences that lead to the current state of self becomes possible.

Gradually, the subconscious is made conscious. Thus, unhelpful patterns of behaving toward self and in relationships can be identified and shifted, mental health issues can be clarified and addressed, confidence and agency can be cultivated. The knowing that comes from this therapeutic experience can guide clients to make choices in their life that are more congruent and authentic to them and therefore lead to more satisfying and fulfilling lives. 



Gestlat Therapy

Gestalt therapy is a therapeutic approach that facilities a client's insight, growth and self-understanding. In the counselling room, it may look like paying close attention to the client's moment-to-moment experience, experimenting in experiential ways to explore their experience and for clients to make greater contact with their authentic self. This approach often fosters an accelerated process due to the in-the-moment nature of it that can heighten one's sense of thoughts and emotion and therefore, awarenesses and insights.  

Buddhist Psychology

Buddhist Psychology offers a foundation from which to understand our psychology, and therefore offers structure to sessions and can indicate where to first place focus. Through the lens of Buddhist Psychology, we can understand where the given pain is in our experience, and where the suffering lies. As Jack Kornfield (Author, Buddhist monk, Meditation teacher) conveys - Buddhism is not by dictionary definition, a religion, but a system of philosophy, coordinated with a code of morality, physical and mental. The philosophy of Buddhist Psychology naturally compliments Gestalt theory and practice.


Should you like to know more about how Tiffani might attend to your specific cause for seeking therapy, please call or email her directly to schedule a 15-minute complimentary consultation. Or to begin your journey of personal growth as soon as possible, book your appointment now.

I refer Tiffani to so many of my clients - teenagers, young women and even parents - because her counselling style is a rare and amazing combination of acceptance, empathy and understanding, and practical tools and strategies to try.
Clients always tell me after sessions with Tiffani they feel seen, heard, and empowered!

Lindsay Sealey
Educator, Author, Speaker
My Approach
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