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Here you will find information about professionals in the helping and healing field who provide a high standard of care, are knowledgable in what they do and have vast experience.

Image by Blanca Paloma Sánchez

Peak Experience Counselling


Located in the heart of Squamish, Peak Experience offers professional counselling and hypnotherapy to adults, couples, families and youth. They offer both virtual and in-person appointments. 

Klassen Counselling & Neurofeedback


Roshni and Kevin are Registered Clinical Counsellors and offer Individual, couples and family support. 

Heartsbloom Psychology Centre


Located in Vancouver, Heartsbloom offers psycho-educational and developmental assessments for ages 3 to 25 years, Their Psychologists offer counselling to preschool and elementary age children, and young adolescents and provide parent support and parent consultation with schools and other professionals.  Areas of expertise are anxiety, depression, difficulties with attention regulation (ADHD), explosive behaviour, executive skills, parent and child relationships, learning exceptionalities, and organizational skills. 

North Shore CBT Centre

Cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR and solution focused therapy are a few of the therapeutic modalities used at this established clinic located on the north shore. The registered Psychologists and Clinical Counsellors at North Shore offer treatment for youth, adults and families. They also provide test taking courses for those struggling with test taking anxiety.

Larry Green

Larry is a Clinical Psychologist (RCC) in Vancouver. His approach emphasizes both a focus on limiting beliefs as well as attention to the body's reactions to events, thoughts and people. Specifically, what either increases or undermines vitality. He works with individuals and also provides relationship counselling.  Areas of specialization include anxiety disorders, masculinity issues, and responding to cultural chaos.

Lisa Yeates Counselling

Lisa provides counselling and EMDR services to individuals. She specifically offers support for trauma, substance use, anxiety, depression and parent support. Lisa's office is on west Broadway in Vancouver and she also offers virtual appointments. 

Lindsay Sealey

Lindsay is an educator, keynote speaker, and consultant, and the author of Growing Strong Girls and Rooted, Resilient, and Ready. She is the founder of Bold New Girls ™ and Brave New Boys ™ – teaching and coaching designed to empower growing minds of all ages and with diverse experiences, to be healthy, happy, and confident. She also offers support to parents with both the language and tools they need to support their children. 

Counselling On Main


Counselling On Main opened in 2012 and is Tiffani's Vancouver clinic, which she co-owns with colleague Mark Choi. COM is a collective of Registered Clinical Counsellors who offer individual, couples, family and youth support. They offer both in-person and virtual appointments. 

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