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Intimacy Retreats

Cultivating and maintaining intimacy as a couple is an essential component in romantic relationships. Many couples seek help for their relationship with a focus on improving communication, when really the root of many recurring relational issues is emotional disconnection. This emotional disconnection creates a constant threat that shapes conflictual interactions and fosters dysfunctional communicating. Although communication skills are developed as part of the process of couple therapy, without getting to the deeper layer of emotional intimacy, problems will persist. Incorporating embodiment, through the use of yoga therapy, clients can make contact with emotions, trauma and attachment wounds, and each other, in a deep and meaningful way that has the potential to be transformational for them individually, and as a couple.   

How It Works

Schedule a phone consultation with Tiffani to discuss the process. Should a couple decide to engage in an intimacy retreat following the consultation, each individual in the couple will separately complete the initial questionnaire. The couple will then have a call with Tiffani to discuss the process, have any questions answered and schedule the retreat (3 consecutive days). No yoga experience is necessary. All Yoga Therapy sessions are informed by Trauma Centered Trauma Sensitive (TCTSY) theory and practice. Mindfulness offerings are rooted in a trauma informed approach. Learn more about TCTSY research and efficacy.


Tiffani’s approach to relationship counselling is a compilation of theories and Collaborative Couple Therapy forms the foundation. Collaborative Couple Therapy is an adjacent approach to Gestalt Therapy and is a natural fit to her work. She integrates research and theories of the Gottman Method and Emotion-Focused Couple Therapy & Attachment, as well as Neuroscience, Mindfulness, and Embodied Relational Sex Therapy. The integration of these methods foster the deepening of couples' awarenesses and insights into the interpersonal and intrapersonal processes that foster helpful/unhelpful patterns within their relating.

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